The nice this about doing a PhD, among other stuff, is that the really encourage you to develop transferable skills. Therefore today I attended a workshop on how to make a presentation, held by Gabriel Brostow. 
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Most of the things are quite self-evident if you think about it, but when you’re so involved in your research you might tend to forget even the obvious. For example, the most important concept I learnt today was that when you give a presentation you should teach your audience something interesting and memorable. Basically, when they leave the venue and come across that topic later on they should be able to remember your name. You never know, every talk could be a “job talk”!
There should always be a slide that condenses
“The take home message is…”
So, when presenting your research your goals should be:
  • impress people -> show them your research is on something really important
  • convey brilliance -> emphasise if results were surprising
  • show you’ve worked hard -> it’s ok to say something was difficult to achieve.

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One must keep in mind that an audience can be very varied, and have experts and novices. Most of the presentation should be new for the novices and well-known stuff for the experts.In order to keep the latter attentive though, we must give some small specific piece of information.


Finally, you are presenting your work, the research you’ve dedicated your time and life too, so BE happy! And breathe 🙂




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