Prospective students

I’m always looking for great students to work on research projects. I particularly encourage students from any underrepresented groups in Computer Science to talk to me about potential projects. Before you reach out, take a look at my research and publications to make sure that what you want to study is a good fit for what I do.

If you are interested in doing a PhD in the area of human-computer interaction, contact me with a copy of your CV to discuss opportunities. For more information about postgraduate research degrees at Northumbria University, visit here.

Please read my advice on how to write a PhD proposal.

Potential research topics:

  • Understanding and designing for Digital Wellbeing
  • Designing around surveillance capitalism
  • Platformisation of work
  • Online/offline experiences and mental health
  • Improving computer-mediated communication experiences
  • User experience of multi-device ecologies (mobile, wearable, and/or smart IoT devices)

Current students

Lauren Scott, PhD student in Computer Science (2022 – present), 1st supervisor [website]

Ed Hyatt, PhD student in Information Sciences (2022 – present), 2nd Supervisor

Carlos Alvarez, PhD student in Computer Science (2019 – present), 1st supervisor [website] [project website]

Sena Çerçi, PhD student in Design (2019 – present), 2nd supervisor [project website]


  • Giulia Campaioli, research intern, (2021 – 2022), in collaboration with Prof. Adriano Zamperini from University of Padova.
  • Selina Sutton, PhD student, Computer and Information Sciences (2018 – 2021), 3rd supervisor
  • Dr Parvin Asadzadeh, post-doc working on EPSRC GAMO funded project (2018 – 2019)
  • Lucia Sanz Vilar, research assistant working on iWARDs and digital wellbeing studies (2018)