Current team

Lauren Scott, PhD student in Computer Science (2022 – present), 1st supervisor [website]

Ed Hyatt, PhD student in Information Sciences (2022 – present), 2nd Supervisor

Cheng Fan, PhD student in Design (2023 – present), 2nd Supervisor

Dr Sena Çerçi, PDRA working on Productivity tools for Neurodiversity

Jenni Campbell, RA working on Productivity tools for Neurodiversity

Prospective students

I’m always looking for great students to work on research projects. I particularly encourage students from any underrepresented groups in Computer Science to talk to me about potential projects. Before you reach out, take a look at my research and publications to make sure that what you want to study is a good fit for what I do.

If you are interested in doing a PhD in the area of human-computer interaction, contact me with a copy of your CV to discuss opportunities. For more information about postgraduate research degrees at Northumbria University, visit here.

Please read my advice on how to write a PhD proposal.

Potential research topics:

  • Designing around surveillance capitalism
  • Platformisation of work
  • Inclusive productivity tools with a focus on neurodiversity
  • Understanding and designing for Digital Wellbeing
  • Improving computer-mediated communication experiences
  • User experience of multi-device ecologies (mobile, wearable, and/or smart IoT devices)


PhD students:


  • Giulia Campaioli, research intern, (2021 – 2022), in collaboration with Prof. Adriano Zamperini from University of Padova.
  • Dr Parvin Asadzadeh, post-doc working on EPSRC GAMO funded project (2018 – 2019)
  • Lucia Sanz Vilar, research assistant working on iWARDs and digital wellbeing studies (2018)