QUDDLE – QUalitative Data Discussions Led by Experience

Earlier this year I decided I wanted to organise a student-led group to discuss qualitative research in my department that could provide peer support. After some deliberation about how to best lead it, in March I started the QUDDLE group, QUalitative Data Discussions Led by Experience (pronounced “cuddle”). Yes, I know, it’s a cheesy name – but sometimes when you do research and you are drowning in data (which seems to be always the case in qual research) you want a supportive virtual hug.


Why I use mind maps when interviewing

When running a qualitative study, several people by now have pointed out the format of my interview questions and asked me why I use mind maps instead of a list of questions. They all seemed generally curious and intrigued by my choice, and some have even recommended them to their students. So I thought of sharing what led me to this choice and how I use mind maps for interview questions.  (more…)