Currently, my research focuses on communication technologies across devices (desktop computers/laptops, smartphones, tablets and smartwatches) and how it affects our work-life balance. I am interested in how people use technologies to shape boundaries between work and personal life, and how they work around technology constraints to make this happen.
I have focussed primarily on email management, as it is one of the most common communication technologies out there. Email habits are changing in our always-online society of mobile and ubiquitous technologies, and work and personal communications are happening beyond just email. I’m curious to understand what is today’s role of email with respect to other communication technologies, and how this plethora of mediums is shaping our always-online society. 
 This research is part of the Digital Epiphanies project.
Previously, during my MSc in Psychology at University of Padua (Italy), I worked at HTLab (Human Technology Lab) on multimodal feedback for touchless interactions, concentrating on the role of haptics. This project was part of CEEDs and I was supervised by Prof. Luciano Gamberini. 
During my MSc, I also spent a year in Finland working with the UIx group at Helsinki University and HIIT (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology) under the guidance of Prof. Giulio Jacucci and Dr Eve Hoggan. There I conducted a series of studies around the use and interaction with large public displays, as well as lab studies on haptic feedback.  
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