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Peer-reviewed conference proceedings

  • Cox, A.L., Gould, S., Cecchinato, M.E., Iacovides, I., Renfree, I. (2016). Design Frictions for Mindful Interactions: The Case for Microboundaries. Proceedings CHI ’16 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. San Jose, CA. [pdf]
    Acceptance rate: 43.4%
  • Cecchinato, M.E., Sellen, A., Shokouhi, M., & Smyth, G. (2016). Finding email in a multi-device, multi-account world. Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing systems. San Jose, CA. [pdf]
    Best Paper Award (<1%) | Acceptance rate: 23.4%
  • Harrison, D. & Cecchinato, M.E. (2015). “Give me five minutes!” Feeling Time Slip By. Proceedings of UbiComp/ISWC ’15 Adjunct. Osaka, Japan. [pdf]
    Acceptance rate: 23%
  • Cecchinato, M.E., Cox, A.L., & Bird, J. (2015). Smartwatches: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly? Proceedings CHI ’15 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Seoul, South Korea. [pdf]
    Acceptance rate: 45%
  • Cecchinato, M.E., Cox, A.L., & Bird, J. (2015). Working 9-5? Professional Differences in Email and Boundary Management Practices. Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing systems. Seoul, South Korea. [pdf] [video preview]
    Acceptance rate: 23%
  • Wijekoon, D., Cecchinato, M.E., Hoggan, E., & Linjama, J. (2012). Electrostatic modulated friction as tactile feedback: intensity perception. Proceedings of the 2012 international conference on Haptics: perception, devices, mobility, and communication – Volume Part I. (pp.613-624). Springer-Verlag. [available in ACM DL]
    Acceptance rate: 23%

Doctoral Consortium (Juried)

  • Cecchinato, M.E. (2014, September). Email management and work-home boundaries. In Proceedings of the 16th international conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices & services (pp. 403-404). ACM. [pdf]

Workshop papers (Juried)

  • Cecchinato, M.E. & Harrison, D. (2017, May). Degrees of Agency in Owners and Users of Home IoT Devices. Making Home: Asserting Agency in the Age of IoT Workshop, ACM CHI, Denver, CO. [pdf] [workshop website]
  • Cecchinato, M.E., Cox, A.L., Bird, J. (2016, May). Work-Life Balance through Tangibles and the Internet of Things. Tangibles4Health Workshop, ACM CHI, San Jose, CA. [pdf] [workshop website]
  • Cecchinato, M.E., Fleck, R., Bird, J., & Cox, A.L. (2015, April). Online vs. Offline: Implications for Work Identity. Between the Lines: Reevaluating the Online/Offline Binary Workshop, ACM CHI, Seoul, South Korea. [pdf] [workshop website]
  • Cecchinato, M.E., Cox, A.L., & Bird, J. (2014, September). “I check my emails on the toilet”: Email Practices and Work-Home Boundary Management. Socio-Technical Systems and Work-Home Boundaries Workshop, ACM MobileHCI, Toronto, Canada. [pdf]
  • Cecchinato, M.E., Bird, J., & Cox, A.L. (2014, April) Personalised Email Tools: A Solution to Email Overload? Personalised Behaviour Change Technologies Workshop, ACM CHI, Toronto, Canada. [pdf] [workshop website]


  • Cecchinato, M.E. (2018). Communicating in a Multi-Role, Multi-Device, Multi-Channel World: How Knowledge Workers Manage WorkHome Boundaries. Doctoral thesis. University College London. [pdf]
  • Cecchinato, M. E. (2013). User experience evaluation of multimodal evaluation. M.Sc. dissertation. University of Padua.