I am a Senior Lecturer in the Computer and Information Sciences Department at Northumbria University, where I work in the area of Human-Computer Interaction alongside other researchers from Nor.SC and NORTH Lab.

My work focuses on understanding and promoting digital wellbeing. In particular, my research interests are around productivity and wellbeing in the digital age, ranging from how to manage information (e.g. storing and retrieving data), how to make sense of data (e.g. reflecting on data logs), how to cope with being constantly connected and available (e.g. managing emails, interruptions, and work-home boundaries) to how to support users who struggle in these areas (e.g. developing targeted interventions and digital strategies). My current work focuses on understanding and promoting digital wellbeing in a range of contexts, including new forms work (e.g. gig economy) and gender-related issues in the workplace. 

I have published in the top HCI venues, including CHI (with a Best Paper award in 2016), MobileHCI, and Ubicomp and my work has been featured in the New Scientist, The Conversation and BBC Science Focus.

My background is in Psychology (BSc, MSc) and human-computer interaction (PhD). I have worked in Computer Science departments as well as in multi-disciplinary labs across Europe, including HTLab (Human Technology Lab) with Luciano Gamberini at University of Padua (Italy), the Ubiquitous Interaction group, with Giulio Jacucci and Eve Hoggan (now at Aahrus University) at the University of Helsinki and at HIIT (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology), the Human Experience and Design group with Abigail Sellen and Milad Shokouhi at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, and more recently the UCL Interaction Centre (UCLiC), where I’ve carried out my PhD work under the supervision of Prof Anna Cox and Dr Jon Bird (now University of Bristol). I have collaborated on, led as PI or as Co-I various projects, including the FP7 EU funded CEEDs projectEPSRC Digital Epiphanies projectEPSRC Balance Network LifeSwap project, the EPSRC Balance Network Microboundaries project, the UCL Grand Challenge iWARDs project, and more recently EPSRC GetAMoveOn Network Football fans project.

In my free time, I am a big foodie! I like to explore independent food venues and, when I find the time, write about them on my blog, My Talisman of Happiness.