My current research interests are around communication technologies across devices (desktop computers/laptops, smartphones, tablets and smartwatches) and how they affect our sense of availability and work-life balance. I am interested in how people use technologies to shape boundaries between work and personal life, and how they work around technology constraints to make this happen. I have focussed primarily on email management, as it is one of the most common communication technologies out there, but consider any communication channel used by participants. You can read more about my PhD project on this website: Digital Boundaries.

Here you can find a collection of research projects I have been involved in since my MSc:

Tangibles and IoT for wellbeing (2017-)
Key words: Internet of things, IoT, tangibles, agency, privacy, ubiquitous computing, wellbeing, peripheral interaction, work-life balance, autoethnography.

Availability Management in a Constantly Connected World (2016-)
Key words: microboundaries, strategies, work-life balance, always available, availability management, diary study, workshop, mixed methods.

watches bw 5 copy 2
Context-Aware Notifications and Smartwatches (2015-2017)
Key words: notifications, geofencing, smartwatches, cross-device interaction, work-life balance, work-home boundaries, contextual interviews, diary study, autoethnography, mixed methods.

microboundaryEmail Use in a Multi-Account, Multi-Device World (2014-2016)
Key words: email, cross-device interaction, work-life balance, work-home boundaries, contextual interviews, diary study, mixed methods.

P1040973Tactile Time Perception: Augmented Cognition (2015)
Key words: augmented cognition, time, haptics, haptic feedback, physical computing, prototyping, in the wild, autoethnography, diary study.

guantoUser Experience Evaluation of Multimodal Interfaces (2013)
Key words: haptics, haptic feedback, multimodal feedback, lab studies, mixed methods.

senseg setup

Electrovibration as Haptic Feedback
Key words: haptics, haptic feedback, lab studies, mixed methods.